Tsing Navigation Device GPS Sat Nav

Many people these will either have a GPS navigation system built into their car or else will use their smart phone but there are still people that prefer to have a dedicated device for that purpose. It is a nuisance having to continually take the phone in and out of the mount whereas an inexpensive unit that can be left permanently in place may be more convenient. This 5 inch screen unit from Tsing currently priced at just £30.99 discounted from £59.99 meets those needs

The product arrived packaged in a reasonably attractive mod market display box making it very suitable as a gift. Inside the box was the GPS unit itself, a car power adapter, User Guide, Car windscreen mount, stylus, and a Kick stand mount. The mains power supply pictured on the Amazon product page was not included although the device can be powered from any USB adapter..

Examining the main uit down one side can be found a headphone socket, micro-USB slot and mini-USB power in port.The otherwise excellent User Guide may be common to several models as it mentions Bluetooth and some other capabilities that this device lacks.

The GPS unit is more than just a Sat Nav. It can play audio files, display photos and videos as well as text files. Using the rather sluggish screen can be made easier by use of the supplied stylus which is neatly stored in either the suction or kick mounts. Although it does perform these other functions the rather poor quality low resolution screen makes this difficult although the screen resolution is perfectly adequate for map displays

As a GPSnafigation device this does the job perfectly well. The screen is bright and clear enough for map displays and the Europe wide map database should be more than enough to get you where you want to go.

This is a decent quality entry level GPS navigation device and should be more than enough for what most people need.
The Good
Great price
Good User Guide
Plays audio and video files
No wifi
Attractive packaging
The Bad
No Carry case
No Mains power adapter
Low resolution screen

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