Sony GTK-XB5 Compact One Box Music System


This is basically an expensive party speaker and although the sound quality is pretty decent the device is too big and bulky to use much at home for general listening. It can stream music from your iOS or Android phone over Bluetooth and can be configured using the Sony SongPal app. It can link wirelessly to another similar Sony speaker to give a full stereo effect. It is no Sonos and cannot connect to your wifi network and play music directly from the internet or from your home servers but can only stream from the phone. It has some built in bright and garish LED lights which no doubt some people may appreciate and will certainly add atmosphere to a party and these too can be controlled from the app although as with the audio I found a fair degree of latency when using the app..

Audio quality is not the main feature of this party speaker but in fact the sound is not at all bad as well as being very loud when cranked up.. The sound carries well both indoors and outdoors and although mains powered only it would work well for an outdoor party (although take note that it is not water resistant).

This is an excellent speaker for a party, is good and loud with surprisingly good sound quality for what it is. The visual effects are striking and powerful although not for all tastes. The price at a discounted £199 is not cheap but SONY are a known make and price accordingly.

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