CUBOT Manito 4G Smartphone

A 5inch screen, dual SIM, 4G, three GB of Ram, 13.0MP+5.0MP Dual Camera, Android 6 phone for less than £100! Yes, you get all that with the £99 CUBOT Manito but is it any good?

In a simple but attractive box I received the phone itself, encased in protective film, a two pin charger, a short USB charging cable, a 2350mAh battery, a clear protective gel case, a starter guide and other paperwork. In the shipping box were a Uk three PIN USB adapter and a three pin to two pin power adapter. The User Guide is Ok but is basically a generic guide to Android but the phone itself came in a pull guide to fitting the battery and other hardware.

The phone specs are very impressive for the budget price. A not too heavily skinned version of Android 6, 3GB RAM (the same as on my Nexus 6p), 13MB/4MB cameras ( the front at least is from Samsung), Bluetooth 4.0, dual SIM, removable battery, micro-SD card up to 256GB. Some Chinese imports do not support all the available UK mobile network frequencies but this one does with full support for 2100MHz, 1800MHz , 2600MHz and 800 MHz LTE bands.

The phone booted up nice and quickly, found my wifi network (2.4Ghz only, no 5Ghz support here) and prompted me to connect. The usual Android setup routine followed and I was soon up and running. The 1280×720 pixels screen is good and bright but I did notice the lower screen resolution than I was used to. Displays are costly and corners have to be cut somewhere. The same could be said for the battery which is a rather feeble 2350mAh but has the distinct advantage of being user swappable. That said with care you should still get about a day of use from it although I doubt you would ever regret carrying a spare with you. Compared to high end rivals the phone feels a bit thick and chunky but still looks nice enough from the front with moderately sized bezels.

The User Interface is fast and snappy due to the 3GB of RAM rather than the MT6737 CPU. Switching between apps was fast enough and moving between screens was not the horrible experience it can be on some budget phones. The cameras are both fine with decent contrast, colour saturation and not too much latency.

For the money this is a fantastic buy. It does not feel like a flagship device or anything like it but equally looks far better than the low price would suggest. I doubt that you would find a better phone for the price or anything near to it. It has some high end specs but some omissions too, which I list below and doubt if many other phones in the price range would offer either.

This is an excellent phone at a fantastic price.

The Good
13.0MP/5.0MP cameras
Great price
Android 6
Dual SIM standby
Full 4G coverage

The Bad
Chunky body
Poor screen
No fingerprint scanner
No 5Ghz Wifi

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