Homdox Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

This attractive new coffee grinder from Homdox is currently available from Amazon UK for £17.95, not a bad price for such a well made little device.

It arrived nicely presented in a good looking mid market product box making it very suitable as a gift unlike the many rivals supplied in a plain brown box. Inside the package is the grinder itself fitted with a UK plug, a small cleaning brush and a User Guide. The User Guide is large an nicely printed and tells you all you need to know, which is not much. I emlcose a scan of it in my unboxing video.

The grinder has a single speed rotating blade which is fine for general use although many coffee aficionados will tell you that a roller grinder gives better results. I found the grind produced to be fine for general use although probably not fine enough for espresso making. The 50gm capacity is plenty for several cups and after operation neither the coffee nor grinder showed signs of overheating. As with all coffee grinders I have tried there is an auto cutoff switch should the lid be removed and the mechanism cannot start with the lid not in place. In use it makes a moderate whirring sound and is not too loud nor grating on the ear unlike some rivals I have tried.

The build quality is quite lightweight considering it is made from stainless steel but it feels heavy enough not to side about too much in use. It has to be said that it does not feel like a luxury item but neither does it strike you a being bargain basement.

This is a decent quality budget coffee grinder perfectly fine for general coffee making use.

The Good
Great price
Attractive design
Cleaning brush
Good User Guide
Quiet operation

The Bad
Blade grinding
Medium/coarse grind

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