Kitclan Portable 14-LED Ultra Bright PIR Closet Light

Currently priced £15.88 this is slightly dearer still than some rivals but it is has a more upmarket look to it as well a few features the others lack.

Although described as portable this model has fold out screw mounts which allow for permanent or semi permanent fixing. Unlike most of the rivals this one used 4 AAA batteries rather than the more common internal rechargeable battery. Although I prefer the rechargeable option the use of AAA would be better suited for long term unattended operation. Most cheaper units have only two options for use: Motion detection or OFF. This unit can also be left permanently on for use as a normal light. It has one feature I have never seen before which is a PIR sensor which can be swiveled up and down to give optimum coverage according to how the light is positioned.

I found that when set to ON the batteries did not last very long but when used with the motion detector in a infrequently accessed location they lasted very well. Take note that to change the batteries you need access to the rear of the unit so make sure that you don’t tighten the wall screws too much to allow easy removal.

THis is a decent quality well made light with a few interesting features and now available at a very reasonable price although there are even cheaper rivals.

The Good
Attractive design
Two mode operation
Moveable sensor

The Bad
No rechargeable battery
No magnetic mount

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