Kitclan Rechargeable 20-LED Motion Sensing LED Light

I have tried quite a few stick on lights of this type but this 20 LED model is the largest and perhaps also the best.

In the plain product box you receive the lamp unit, the magnetic sticky mount, a short mini-USB recharging cable and a single sheet User Guide.

Build quality seems excellent. Everything Seems robust and well made and nothing looks ike to fail anytime soon.A longer charging lead would have been nice but who does nt have a dozen of them floating round at home? The simple OFF/ON switch sited on one end could have been easier to use, I had to use a screwdriver to operate mine, but that may aven be a feature as it means the device cannot easily be incorrectly set.

As with all these lights once set the motion detection feature turns the warm whit LEDs on for about twenty seconds when triggered. The light is not too harsh and is on the cool side of warm which means it is pleasant enough on the eye. Mounting could not be easier, just peel off the backing from the magnetic strip and place it in position. The light will then stick to the magnetic strip and can be easily removed for recharging.

At 36.5cm in length this light is quite large and so care should be taken where to locate it. It may well be too large and bright for many cupboards but is fine medium sized or larger areas. We have one positioned on the inside of our back door and it is the perfect size.

At just £13.88 it is very well priced and if you need a larger than average rechargeable light strip then you need look no further.

The Good
Bright warm light
Easy to mount
Good build quality
Great price

The Bad
Off/On switch hard to access
Short charging cable

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