LYNEC Christmas and Party LED Projector

I have seen several versions of this product but this one seems one of the best. What it is basically is a projector that shows colourful scrolling images suitable for children’s parties, Christmas, Halloween or similar festive occasions onto walls or ceilings. Over Christmas it can be used to project scroling festive images across the outside of your houe.

You might expect a colourfully marked cheap and lightweight product to do this but in fact this device is made of tough and sombre black plastic and clearly designed for sustained professional use. Rather than being built as a kid’s toy this device looks like it could have been built by the army..

Inside the plain but robust packing box there are two inner boxes containing the projector itself, ground spike,wall mount with fixing kit, two pin EU power supply, UK plug adapter, spare slide mount grommets, User Guide, carry bag. The build quality is first rate. the projector is quite large and built from heavy duty matt black ABS plastic and is IP65 waterproof, which means it is OK in the rain but don’t put it underwater or turn the hose on it. It has a and a reasonably long 5m cable. It is clearly designed perhaps more for outdoor use than indoor due to the design and size of the unit but it does work perfectly well inside.

Using the device, which puts me in mind of a victorian magic lantern is easy enough, place the slide – which is about 5mm thick and about the size of a credit card – into the mount and secure it in place with the rubber grommet and two thumbwheel screws. The single button on the back turns the device off and on and subsequent pressing will sallow the desired scrolling speed of the images to be selected. The device comes with a twelve themed slides: Christmas, Halloween, White Snowflake, Heart, Luck Clover, High Heel, Peace Dove, Maple Leaf, Birthday, Butterfly, Star, Clown. Changing from one slide to another takes a few seconds and can be a bit fiddly but is not something you would need to do very often.

This would be perfect for use at Christmas and can be set up top project Christmas themed images across the whole front of the house. This could be the centerpiece of you Christmas home illuminations. Currently Amazon show it as unavailable but previously it was priced around £45. in it is not cheap but it is clearly designed for long term use and has slides suitable for a range of party and festive themes
The Good
Robust build quality
Wide coverage area
Easy to use
Great for outdoor use

The Bad
Industrial/Garden design
Fiddly to change slides
No dedicated UK plug

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