Natural Feelings Women’s Faux Fur Neck Warmer

It is hard to believe it is not real fur as it is so soft, warm and comforting to wear, this new £12.99 neck warmer muff from Natural Feelings.

It arrived packaged in a resealable and reusable plastic zip lock bag but rather a rather more elegant and up market bag than the norm since it is navy blue with the Natural Feelings logo on and well suited to store the garment in. The only other item supplied with the product was a silica gel pack to store with the neck warmer.

The neck warmer is a large than I was expecting at 16.5 inches by 11/4 but scrunches down easily to protect the neck and upper shoulders. The faux fur feels wonderful, soft, silky reassuring in a strange way. The garment is a loop or band and cannot be opened out, which is a pity. It has a equally soft and smooth silk effect lining which complements the fur nicely. The light colour of the fur means care will have to be taken to keep it clean however unlike with many budget chinese garments this one has a recognizable washing label in place which told me a simple hand wash was the best way to keep it clean.

This is a charming and elegant garment, which is both attractive and very functional. For the price it is an most certainly an excellent buy.

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