BlueSnail 400ml Natural Wood Mug

A wooden drinking mug is a new thing for me and I was far from sure how well it would function but in fact it worked out rather well and certainly has some features that normal mugs don’t.


It arrived with no box or packaging other than a thick layer of bubble wrap and whilst protecting it perfectly well did reduce the appeal of the mug as a gift. If presented in an attractive and stylish up market box it would be much more attractive as  Christmas or birthday gift. There was nothing else included with the mug, no care or cleaning instructions or product tags.

The mug is attractive and has the appearance of stained and aged wood but is much lighter in weight than I was expecting. The wood colour is pretty uniform and there are no sign of splinters or other imperfections. The mug has a silk finish to it and is smooth to the touch.

Before using the mug it is advised to scald and clean thoroughly with boiling water. That done you can go ahead and use it. I was impressed by feel of the mug when using it. It  has a natural insulation, the mug never feels hot when holding tea or coffee and never cold when iced drinks are made.  The light weight of the wood reduces the weight of the cup and I am always slightly surprised how light it feels even when it is full.

Remember that this is not an ordinary mug and should not be treated as such. Don’t put it in the dishwasher or even in the sink with the rest of the crockery. I always rinse and wash it separately after using it and avoid leaving dregs in it too long.

This is a novel and unusual item and for the current price of £11.25 would make a charming but functional gift.

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