Aoioi Replacement for Canon PGI-570XL CLI-571XL Ink Cartridges

My Canon MG5750 goes through ink cartridges at a fair rate and so I was pleased to find these new far cheaper compatible rivals available from Aoioi. This same product can be used in a wide range of compatible printers and these are clearly listed on the product information page.

The cartridges were supplied in a plain but robust box with each cartridge individually wrapped within. I received one standard sized cartridge each of Blue, yellow, magenta and black together with three large sized cartridges of Black. The cartridges were all identical in shape and size to the Canon originals but of course did not copy the design and colouring of the originals.

Fitting them was exactly the same as when using Canon originals and I got no error messages or any indication from the printer that a non OEM cartridge was being used. After the proceedure the printer screen simply told me of the number of Canon originals that were installed.

It is too early days yet to say how well the ink will last compared to Canon’s own but so far it seems to be lasting just as well. Certainly I can tell no difference from the printed output what brand of ink is being used.

If you want a budget priced but good quality substitute for Canon ink, at least for the MG5750, then this would be a good buy.

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