Philips Smart Bluetooth Ear Thermometer


This is more than just a simple thermometer although it can be used as a stand alone device. It comes into its own when used as a part of the Philips HealthSuite fitness and health program which also includes a watch/tracker, wrist monitoring Blood Pressure Monitor, arm cuff Blood pressure monitor, bathroom scales. All these devices including the in-ear thermometer on test here connect by Bluetooth the Philip’s Healthsuite app for iOS and Android which allows for cumulative monitoring of general and specific health values over time. This is great if that is what you are looking for but if all you need is a thermometer then it may well be too much of a good thing. That is not to say this device will not work as a simple thermometer because it does but at £43 there are simpler and cheaper options available.

Using it could not be more simple with a straightforward one button press operation which displays the result on the thermometer LCD screen or on the phone app.It takes about two seconds to work and beeps loudly when the temperature reading is ready. By using the app you can monitor your core temperature over extended periods of time as well as integrating them into an overall health assessment in conjunction with the other Philips Healthsuite devices. I found that the results returned were inconsistent

This is an attractive high tech thermometer and if you need that particularly if you use other Philips devices from the same range then at £43.19 it is a good buy, otherwise there are plenty of others available, many of them better and almost all less expensive.

The Good
Attractive design
Easy to use
Part of connected health device eco system
Batteries supplied

The Bad
Inconsistent results
Offers more tech than most users may need

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