Iyowin Wooden 72 Colored Pencil with Canvas Roll Case

Nicely priced at just £26.79 this art pencil set with roll case arrived well padded and packed and consists of a boxed coloured pencil set and a separately packaged roll case. This is handy as it means the items can be separated and used as individual gifts if wished.

The pencils seeme well made and with good firm points. Unlike many cheaper sets I have used the pencil points do not snap when pressure is applied. This is important when attempting to work with gradated shades and nothing is more annoying when a point snaps when trying to heavily shade an area. Green Recycled Wood has been used for the pencils which is reassuring and always good to know. The colours are all non toxic which is god for pencil chewers and children.

The roll case is robust and well made with a waist type strap secured with a clip and seems strong enough to offer decent protection to the contents. There is space in the roll for the full pencil set plus a few further loops for pencil sharpeners and erasers.

This an attractive and well priced art set and would make a worthwhile gift for anyone with an artistic friend.

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