J&L-85A 20W Wireless Speaker

Currently priced at a hefty £63.99 this is not not a cheap speaker and there are plenty of cheaper rivals out there including some with even more features but this well made speaker does have some qualities many rivals lack.

Supplied inside the attractive mid market box which was the speaker itself, a short USB to micro-USB charging cable, a mini-jack to mini-jack audio cable, a mesh yype carry bag, a hanging cord and a well written and easy to read User Guide. I enclose a copy of the User Guide on the end of my unboxing video.

The speaker has the rounded rectangular shape that many others do but rather than the usual plastic or metal skin this one has a matt finish padded rubberised covering which gives it a particularly handsome appearance.Along the whole top face is the control panel, which features the usual volume controls and track controls although the buttons are all extra large and flush to the body. Next to the controls is the clearly marked NFC pairing spot. On one end is a large grommet protected bay featuring and Aux audio input and micro-USB charging port, USB power out port, reset button and a row of blue battery status LEDs. The device is IPX5 water resistant which means it will be fine in moiderate rain but do not immerse it in water.

Pairing to my phone was easy enough with the LED and voice audio status alerts. The voice used was not too loud and had a pleasant English accent. After rebooting both the phone and speaker I was pleased to see they connected automatically when powered up.

The sound quality is first rate for the small size with plenty of volume and good powerful bass. For the size the sound is loud, clear and resonant enough to be heard when on the beach or outside in noisy situations. The speaker has a Surround Sound mode which when enabled makes the sound seem bigger and more diffuse, but not everyone may appreciate it.

The device is charged via a micro-USB port in the access panel. It sports a healthily sized 5200mAH battery and has a Powerbank feature to allow the device to charge or power external devices. It has a microphone and so can be used to reeive calls from any phone itis connected to. However, unlike with many rivals there is no built FM radio, flashlight, or SD card input facility. However the claims for twenty hours plus usage per eight hour charge charge from my experience seem pretty realistic.

Had I been awarding stars I would have been tempted to knock one off due to the high price, lack of FM radio which can be found in many less expensive similar sized devices but in the end decided the sound quality and fine build quality more than compensated for these failings and made the device well worth a high rating.

This is an excellent quality Bluetooth speaker which passes over whistles and bells in favour of elegant looks, great sound and robust build quality.

The Good
Good sound
Unique and attractive design
Robust build quality
Audio in port
Easy to use controls
Non slip finish
Excellent User Guide
Bluetooth 4
Powerbank feature
Voice status prompts

The Bad
No Aptx
No Micro SD slot
No FM Radio
No flashlight

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