AQV Rechargeable Motion Sensor Magnetic Strip cupboard lamp

In the simple eco friendly box I received the separately packaged lamps.Each inner box held the lamp, magnetic strip mount, a short USB to micro-USB charging cable and a large single sheet folding User Guide. The User Guide is large, well written and easy to read and I attach a copy of it to my unboxing video.

The lamps are well made and have a quality feel to them. They are small and discreet and will attach to almost any surface where they will illuminate when motion is detected and remain on for around twenty seconds. They can be set to be always on if needed.

The lamps are simple to operate with a tiny off/On/Auto button on one side close to the end mounted micro-USB charging port. Each lamp unit comes with a sticky mount magnetic strip that can be attached to any suitable surface. The lamp can then be held in place magnetically to the strip and easily removed when needed for recharging.

The six LED lamp is good and bright and is easily attached with no trailing wires or ugly mounts needed. Battery life is good and the lamp has an attractive cool white output.

The current Amazon price of just £15.99 for the pair is an excellent buy indeed. These are excellent lamps and would be fine for use in a cupboard, pantry, above a door or anywhere that needs an automatic light source.

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