Brabantia 20L Pedal Bin with Plastic Inner Bucket


This 20L stainless steel pedal bin from Brabantia arrived very well packaged in an attractive product box inside of which was the bin itself, a lift out plastic inner container and a set of plastic bags.

I already have a very similar bin to this. It cost less than half the price and looks very similar to the Brabantia and is also pedal operated and has an inner plastic container but tha is where the similarity ends. The Brabantia is hefty and feels very robust and much less tinny than the cheaper rival. I also noticed that the pedal mechanism was much more firm and positive on the Brabantia and does not feel like it is about to break as the Chinese one does. The pedal mechanism has a dampened feel to it and opens and closes less quickly. All in all this feels like a high quality unit which is reinforced by the ten year guarantee given with the bin.

I use the bin to store kibble type dog biscuits in for our three dogs and with a small container inside to dispense the kibble it does the job a treat.

At £50 this is no cheap item but i this world you do tend to get what you pay for and what you get here is a expensive looking and well made bin that should last for years.

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