OUTAD Waterproof Thermal Winter Ski Gloves

These new Ski style gloves from OUTAD arrived simply packaged in a jiffy bag style bag with no product box or other marketing information. This is a pity as had they been nicely boxed they would have been all the more attractive as a gift can could easily have been sold at a higher price point.

The gloves are nicely made from waterproof TPU material (whatever that is) and seem well made. I can see no sign of loose stitching or any other manufacturing shortfall. The gloves have a velco belt which fastens just below the palm and a drawstring fastener just below the wrist. A sizing guide is helpfully provided on the Amazon product page and the Large size I chose is a snug but not uncomfortable fit on my normal to large size male hands. If you like a looser fit or have large hands than get XL. The gloves although well padded as surprisingly giving and flexible when worn and do not feel constricting as many similar gloves have been for me in the past.

Fir the record here is what the suppliers recommend: Men Size(palm width): S:6-6.5cm,M:7-8cm,L:8.5-9.5cm, XL:10-10.5cm.

The gloves are warm. well padded and comfortable and although I daresay there are better gloves on the market I doubt if you will find better for less than £20. Priced at just £8.99 you are not going to find a much better buy than this if you need a pair of decent quality padded skiing type gloves.

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