Coolife 2 Pack 3 mode Motion Sensor Light

This pair of surprisingly elegant and well made little lights from Coolife arrived simply but securely packaged in a plain and eco friendly cardboard pack with the two lights individually boxed within. Along with the lamps each box contained a short USB to micro-USB charging cable , a sticky backed plastic wall mount and a short but well written and easy to read (if unnecessary) User Guide. Build quality seems excellent and clearly some attention has been made to making this product as functional and attractive as possible.

Each light has a On/Auto/Off turret switch on one edge and a micro-USB socket for charging on the other. The accompanying mount consists of a thin lipped plastic sheet which mirrors the circular shape of the light unit. On the inside face of the mount is a circular metal sheet the size of a 10p piece and on the outside face a peel off sticky mount. There is a screw mount hole precut as an alternative fixing option. With the mount in place on the wall or ceiling the light unit is easily held in place by an internal magnet which allows it to be quickly and easily removed as needed but securely held in place for use.

The light from the unit is warm and comforting and bright enough for normal use but not powerful enough to illuminate anything larger than a medium sized cupboard with.

Priced at just £19.99 for a pair these l nicely made lights are perfect for use on stairs, work surfaces, cupboards or anywhere that needs occasional illumination.

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