Metal Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With LED Lights from Veemoo

This new speaker from Veemoo looks a bit like slimmer version of the Amazon Echo Dot but of course lacks the interactive voice functions. It could be used with that device and although it would make a nice match physically I doubt that the sound quality would be much improved.

In the plain eco friendly box was the speaker itself, a combined USB charging/audio cable and a  User Guide. The User Guide is quite small and hard to read but it you need to read it to get the best from this speaker.  I enclose a copy on the end of my unboxing video, switch to fullscreen and pause when needed to read it.

Build quality is first class. The speaker body is all  metal grill surrounding the 360 degree speaker  unit itself  with four proper clicky buttons around the bottom to control tracks, volume, Bluetooth and audio modes.  There is also is a combined audio-in and micro-USB charging port together with a TF card slot and  a separate Off/On switch. The micro-USB port is just for charging and connecting an external audio source in any case the built-in 800 mA polymer battery would be too small to power or charge external devices.

Configuring the speaker for Bluetooth pairing  is easy enough due to the  voice guided status prompts. It paired first time my Nexus 6P phone and connected automatically when rebooted.

Sound quality from this speaker is good  but not fantastic, which given the size and form factor  is not to be wondered at.  That said, the audio quality is fine for normal use and in fact better than I was expecting given the size of the device. In any case no one would buy a speaker of this type for the sound quality alone.

The selling point for this speaker is the LED light display and this is excellent and rather spectacular. There is a ring of cool blue LEDs around the base which give the device a subtle and very cool elegance. Once again it puts me in mind of the Amazon Echo Dot.

In other areas it is not lacking in features.It can also play music from a micro SD card  or from the combined audio AUX port. It has a built in FM radio but this and the aux-in modes are fiddly to setup and difficult to use due to the small and awkwardly placed buttons.

This is a fantastic speaker to take on the move or for the bathroom or small bedroom.  The sound quality is excellent for the device price and size but the visual display and budget price makes up for all that it lacks elsewhere. The build quality is excellent and very robust  and the speaker looks much more upmarket and sophisticated  than I was expecting.

The price for this little speakers seems to change every time I look at it but at the moment it is down to £9.99 at which price it is a bargain indeed.


The Good
Great price
Great build quality
Attractive design
Cool LED lights
Voice prompts
SD card slot
FM Radio
Audio in

The Bad
Average audio quality
Tiny and hard to use buttons
No standard AUX in socket

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