Newpin 100ML Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier with 7-Colour LED Lights

This attractive aromatherapy diffuser from Newpin was supplied in a plain and eco friendly brown cardboard box which protected the device perfectly well with no annoying and hard to open blister packs or garish packaging. Given the nature of the product what better way could there be to present it? Inside the box was the diffuser itself, a power supply with a UK plug,, a plastic measuring jug and a well written and easy to read User Guide (which I include on the end of my unboxing video).

Made entirely of plastic the device is nevertheless attractively designed with a wood grain effect on the base and above it the usual translucent cover for the LED light display. With a reservoir capacity of 100ml this unit is on the small size but should still diffuse the oil aroma for several hours and longer still when in intermittent mode.

To operate the device is simplicity itself. . Detach the the top of the unit and the cover beneath from the base, fill the unit with water to the indicated mark on the tank, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, replace the top and cover, plug in and switch on. On the front below the glass cover are just two buttons, the first controls the light display and you let it auto scroll through the colours, select one colour or turn it off entirely.. The second button selects high or low mist output. Should it run dry before then the misting process will automatically switch off to prevent overheating.

The diffuser is nicely designed and should sit well in a home, office or clinical environment, the lighting is subtle and unobtrusive and the misting process is pleasant and can lift or give atmosphere to the room. Be aware that due to the nature of the misting process some water may be precipitated around the device so do not locate it close to sensitive objects. This diffuser emits a large amount of mist, more so than most of the others I have tried, which is a good or bad thing according to your outlook.

Of the several diffusers I have experimented with this is one perhaps the best as it simple to use, looks good and works well.

This is a very attractive and eminently functional unit and should answer all your needs when looking for an oil diffuser and humidifier.
The price at just £15.86 must be hard to better too.

The Good
Good build quality
Eco friendly packaging
UK plug
Good User Guide
Safety auto off feature
Seven light colours

The Bad
No sample oil
Some adjacent water precipitation