OUTAD 1720g Cotton Mummy Sleeping Bag

Priced at £38.99 this 1720g Lightweight Cotton Mummy Sleeping Bag from OUTAD is the heavier of the two bags in the range, the £25.99 1100g model being rated for 5-9 degrees C use whereas this heavier bag is suitable for 0 to 5 degree C use.

The bag arrived without external packaging in a simple plastic bag, which given the robust nature of the contents was enough, and it was a pleasant change to see no expense being wasted on throwaway and unnecessary packaging.

The sleeping bag is housed in a lightweight but robust carry bag which has a drawstring opening and canvas straps which serve to both hold the bag in place and to secure to a rucksack. The sleeping bag seemed so large and voluminous that I thought I would never get it back into the carry bag but in fact it went back inside without too much effort much to my surprise.

The sleeping bag is designed to fit a person of up to 6’2″ and at just 5’10” myself I found it a perfect fit. The bag is water resistant, very well padded and feels luxurious with 60 ounces of Coletherm insulation to keep you warm. There is a zip down one side to allow ventilation if needed and with a velcro flap protecting the top of the zip and to prevent scratching. There is a drawstring around the neck area to keep the body better protected and the hood is large and can be pulled right over the face with enough padding to use as a pillow.

I have not been able to test the bag outdoors yet but I am confident that it is robust and well made enough to meet the claims made for it. I will update this review should field tests prove disappointing but I doubt this will be necessary.

If you need a budget priced well made sleeping bag for camping and normal outdoor use then this would be an excellent choice.

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