OUTAD Outdoor Cyling Fleece Glove Non-slip Glove T-screen Glove

This pair of cycling or outdoor gloves from OUTAD arrived simply packed in an outer shipping bag and an inner plastic bag to protect the gloves.

They are medium weight – robust enough to offer good protection without being unwieldy or too heavily padded. These gloves are designed to offer decent protection with usability rather than warmth or heavy duty protection. They are made of a fleece like material which is soft, flexible and feels warm to the touch. Although I have not tested them I doubt if these gloves would be fully waterproof and I can imagine them getting sodden if immersed in water.They have a large non slip patch covering the whole palm and the first two fingers of each glove have a conductive patch on the top to allow use of touch screens. Each wrist has an elasticated strip to keep the elements out with a securing velcro strap for security. The two gloves can be secured together with the plastic clip provided for storage.

The gloves feel soft and giving when worn and offer good but not armoured protection from biking falls. They are attractive and warm enough to be worn as normal gloves for outdoor use as they lack the garish design that some cycling gloves suffer from.

If you want heavy duty padding or complete protection from water then they may not be for you. If you need gloves for general outdoor use or for moderate biking use then they are an excellent buy at just £6.99.

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