Sumpple Smart WiFi Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell seems to be leading the pack at the moment but not everyone wants to pay out £150+ for a doorbell. This product is available here is less expensive , but is it any good?

In the attractive mid market box aside from the doorbell and mount unit itself there was a UK power adapter and cable, Power supply interface cable, Ethernet adapter, and screw mount kit, , User Guide.

Build quality of everything seems fine although the mount into which the doorbell sits and which secures it to the wall is made of plastic as is the doorbell unit itself The User Guide is first rate taking the form of a fanfold walk through all in colour and printed on good quality heavy grade paper. I enclose a scan of it on the end of my video.

The doorbell can work either over wifi or Ethernet and can be powered either from the mains or by the built in battery. There is no internal bell but instead a mobile phone app is installed and is used to answer rings at the door and also to configure the doorbell settings. You can also answer the door across the internet when away from home and use the unit as a home security camera using the built in motion detection and night vision.

There are a choice of methods to set the device up but I found the easiest and best way was to connect the doorbell to my network using the Ethernet cable interface. The first step is to download the ‘Sumpple SmartBelll’ app to your phone or tablet. On the app a cloud based user account has to be set up first and then logged into. You then select the option to add a camera and scan the barcode on the rear of the doorbell. That done you should then be able to connect to the doorbell and use the app to configure the ringtones, volume, delay time before a rejection message is played to the caller, video options, alarm and alert options.

Once connected A ring on the doorbell will awake your phone, no need to keep the app running, and the phone screen will show who is at the door with a message and audible ring tone. You can then reject the call, it will seem to the visitor that no one is at home, or have a two way conversation with them. After a few seconds if you do not respond (you select the timeout length) the caller will hear a message asking them to call again later. You can use the app with multiple doorbells at once. The camera has motion detection and night vision built in and can be set to alert you to visitors even if they do not press the doorbell. You do not need to be at home to receive alerts as it will work anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection. This more useful than it sounds because you can tell suspicious callers that you are busy and cannot come to the door and they will not know you are out of the house. Of course the automated system will alert you to motion detection alerts when you are away from home too.

There are a few latency issues and I found that my selected options were not always relayed successfully to the phone but this is common to any network or internet based system and may be due to issues on my Android phone or home network The current price of £124.99 seems high to me but no doubt will fall in the coming months. The battery option is good and not always found in rival units but I was sorry to see there was no option for Power Over Ethernet (POE) and that no interface to an electronic door opener was available

This is an excellent product and when the price falls to a more realistic level will represent a great buy.
The Good
Good build quality
Excellent User Guide
Easy setup
Wide range of setup options available
Easy to use app
Many configuration options available
Door unlock option
Motion detection
In app alerts
Email, FTP motion alert uploads
Video/picture recording option
Battery power option
The Bad
Plastic construction
Some App bugs
No non network fall back system
Some latency with both Ethernet and wifi connection
Latency receiving alerts away from home
No POE option
No door unlock interface kit

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