Vintage Style Leather notebook Journal from VSDISPLAY

This charming and attractive notebook is available in two sizes and I chose the smaller 5.5″x4.0″ size for my review.

The little diary arrived delightfully packaged in brown paper tied up with string and within the package was the notebook itself together with an personalization sticker set, a leather tag, brass marker clip, chinese style envelope and a keyring or belt strap thingy. The notebook can be personalized with your name and a choice of logos embossed on the cover which you select when ordering.

The notebook itself consists of the leather cover with three separate pads inside, one plain, one lined and one squared grid layout inside. Each pad has its own bookmark and cardboard inlay for stamps, cards etc. The booklets are widely available and can easily be replaced as needed. The notebook has an elasticated strap with leather grip to keep it closed and protected when not in use.

Priced at £18.50 at the time of writing this is not a cheap item but it is very well made, looks lovely and has an old world feel to it. One can imagine Wordsworth or Browning carrying a notebook like this.


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