Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush


As a long term user and admirer of Philips products and of their dental care equipment in particular I was very interested to give this new model a try. Although I was pleased with the general presentation and operation of the product there were a few niggling points that prevented me from awarding it full marks.

The item arrived beautifully packaged and presented as Philips goods always are and once the elaborate packaging had been binned I was left with the brush handle, one head, glass charging puck, case/charger, USB wall power adaptor, USB charging cable. Yes, that’s right just one single solitary brushing head and with Sonicare Diamond Clean Standard Brush Head – Pack of 4 priced at £26 and needing to be replaced several times a year large families my find this an expensive device to run. Expensive indeed when you consider the current Amazon price for the toothbrush is a discounted £121.50 .

The brush is exquisitely designed with the handle, charging puck and to a lesser degree the carry case all things of beauty. The handle is the perfect for me size and sits nicely in the hand. The buzzing and vibrating in use is not too loud or grating on the ear when any of the five modes are used. Personally I just use the standard mode which I find suits me fine. Unlike with many other brushes there is no option to reduce the intensity of the mode in use.

Charging can be done either using the elegant an stylish glass puck which is designed for bathroom use with the two pin mains plug provided or using the travel case which can be powered from any USB port. The latter is great fore those on the move but an annoyance was the use of a Mini USB socket rather than the much more common micro-USB port on the case.

This is a high quality brush that looks great and works well but may prove less practical for bigger families.

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