OUTAD Outdoor Huge Capacity Water Resistant Luggage Bag

This new travel and storage bag is the latest from the OUTAD range of outdoor and camping equipment and seems at least at first sight well up to standard of the other items I have tried.

My bag which can be seen in the video is the medium 100L sized model and that seems pretty gigantic to me and so the 150L must be truly vast! The bag arrived simply packaged in a a plastic bag devoid of external labelling which saves money and is better for the environment no doubt.

This gigantic 100L storage and travel bag from OUTAD would be perfect camping trips as the size is sufficient to take the luggage and personal effects of several travellers together which would make packing and storage easier. It is made from tough Oxford Fabric and has a waterproof inner skin to keep the elements out. The double zip is made from steel and allows the whole of the front face of the bag to open out to give easy access. There are robust grab handles at each end and on the sides to make carrying the bag as trouble free as possible. It can be carried by hand or even over the shoulders but these would be easier with the smaller 50L bag, I would not be a task I would like to attempt with the larger 150L bag.

It does not have any internal pockets or dividers, which is a pity, or any internal reinforcing but this does mean that the bag when empty can be folded up for storage very easily.

For the quality of construction and storage capacity the current Amazon price of £15.99 seems very reasonable indeed.


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