Lanxim Pro Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener LXE082-GY

There are a great many hair straighteners available and many of them less expensive than this now here on offer from Lanxim at the current reduced Amazon price of £69.99. Is this one worth the difference and how is it better than the cheaper rivals?

From the start this comes across as a quality professional level item. The product box is heavy duty and robust enough to store the device in when not in use as well as being tastefully designed and free from the garish colours and overkill of some products. Inside the box was the straightener itself, a rubberised grip to hold and protect the delicate ceramic heating plates, a travel bag, two hair clips, a 10Ml bottle of Argan Oil, and a User Guide.

Build quality is first rate, everything seems robust and well made and of studio quality. The straightener is heavy enough to sit well in the hand without tiring the arms when used for long salon sessions and has a lengthy 2.7M power cord with a UK plug. I was pleased to see that there is a 360 degree revolving joint where the power cord enters the device so the cable should not get in your way when using the unit. The two hair clips supplied are lightweight but seem strong enough not to fly apart at first use and the carry case is well made and robust as well as being capacious enough for the straightening kit and a few extras. The User Guide is large, wll printed and easy to read and unlike with some product it does more than just tell you what the buttons do. The User Guide has well illustrated guides to the practical use of the straightener with sections on inward and outward curling, hair bundling, hair types etc.
Using the product is very easy. After first removing or the packing and the peel off film protecting the ceramic heads and LCD display consult the User Guide to determine your hair type and the type of curling you want to apply. After plugging the device in it is switched on with the centre button of the three on the unit. You can confirm the temperature and ensure it stays constant using the LCD display on the device. The other two buttons are for heat UP and heat DOWN. The User Guide is confusing here as it refers to a rotary temperature dial rather than the actual configuration of the device. No matter you do not need to be Einstein to work it out. You then follow the clear instructions in the User Guide to part and then bundle the hair securing it with the clips included with the pack. It is best to take a moment and practise this first in front of a mirror before using the device as getting this right is crucial to the final results. Take a 5cm hair bundle with the straightener and stroke down with it from the scalp end to the hair tips. Apply the Argan Oil or other protective product first to stop the hair getting damaged or frizzy. Be careful not to get carried away when using it and keep watching in the mirror. You can always return for a later session.

This is a high quality salon grade product and although cheaper and lesser rivals are available I think the quality of construction and durability of this device make it a very worthwhile buy.

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