Babymoov Urban Changing Bag


When you are out and about with a baby it is important to keep changing materials and other important baby related items where they can be easily be accessed with a minimum of fuss and bother. There are quite a few changing bags available but they tend to be geared just at Mums and often can be a fit too girly or feminine for a man to feel happy carrying around. This new £34.99  bag from BABYMOOV goes some way to solving this dilemma as it is discreet, anonymous in appearance and could pass for a general purpose shoulder bag. In fact it is versatile and bland enough in looks to be put to various other purposes when the baby outgrows it.

Inside the bag contains a changing mat, a small pouch which looks like it is designed to hold a dummy, a plastic bag for holding soiled nappies or whatever and an insulated bag. They can are all be well sealed and seem good and secure as is they over shoulder strap which is strong and adjustable in length. There are several pockets inside and out some with velcro seals. The bag can also be clipped to a pram or pushchair.

The build quality seems fine. The bag seems robust and well made and the zip and velcro fastenings seem good and secure. I am not sure that the bag is waterproof but it seems thick and resistant enough to withstand the odd shower or water spill.

If you need a decent quality baby bag that can be used without fear or worry by the most macho of men then this would be a great choice. You could always carry Glock 17 clips in it when the baby is grown.

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