DIKI Bluetooth Smart Body Weight Scales

All the bathroom scales I have used in the past have been big and heavy, even the high tech digital ones, and so I was very interested to try this new lightweight model from DIKI, particularly so with the current Amazon price of just £31.

The scales arrived attractively packaged in an attractive and rather stylish box free from the gaudy packaging and plastics often associated with high tech goods from the East. Inside the box were the bathroom scales, a set of four AAA batteries, and a well written and easy to read User Guide in reasonable English. I enslode a scan of the User Guide on the end of my unboxing video.

Build quality seems fine and although it still strikes me as odd to have bathroom scales made from plastic I must say that this model seems robust and well made enough to withstand the knocks and bangs of daily life. In the past I have struggled to get inside the battery compartment on some scales I have used but not so here as it can easily be done single handed.

Once the device is unpacked and the batteries inserted the first thing to do is to download and install the iOS or Android app “AIFit” to your phone. Once done you are advised to register the app (although I think the device can still be used in Guest Mode) but once this is done the app will remember all your settings for future reference and comparison. ( Of course you can just step on the scale at any time and read the weight there and then on the LCD display without bothering with the app. ) On first use the app with automatically register and remember a Bluetooth connection to the between the phone and scale. The whole family and can use the scales and the app will cleverly remember which user is which without the need to login or enter their user names. The with four onboard sensors, can weigh from 5kg / 11.03 lbs to 180kg / 396kg lbs in increments of 0.1kg / 0.22 lbs. Make sure to stand on the scale in bare feet and it will record and automatically sync to the phone no less than ten different parameters: Body weight, body fat, BMR, BFR, hydration, muscle, bone mass, BMI, Subcutaneous fat, Protein rate. How many of these you actually will need or will ever use is another matter.

So far as I can tell the app will not automatically send data to the major diet and exercise apps like Fitbit, Runkeeper, or My Fitness Pal, which is a pity but most of the Fitness apps have ties to rival suppliers of Bluetooth scales.

This is an excellent piece of equipment and if you can get over the shock of having bathroom scales that weight less than a Kilo then this would be an very worthwhile purchase.

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