Cottile Premium Universal Orthopedic Seat Cushion

This is not the first orthopedic cushion I have tried but it is one of the best and certainly at the current Amazon price of ££25.99 an attractive buy.

The cushion arrived simply packed in a plain plastic bag within the shipping box with no additional product packing. Although this does not detract from the product itself it does reduce the value of the item as a gift. It is a pity too that no explanatory leaflet was included to explain the benefits of the item and how best to use it. Of course it is immediately obvious how to use the cushion but documentation and a fancy box would give the product a more upmarket appearance better suited to the high quality item that it is.

The cushion is attractively designed with a detachable zipped cover of a heavy duty non slip absorbent fabric with the Cottile logo to the front. Inside is the cushion itself which seems to be made from a heavyweight memory foam like material. When compressing the foam it takes a second or so to revert to shape, always a sign of good quality memory foam, and feels firm and supportive when sat upon.

The cushion can be used by those with medical problems that need a firm support or by truck drivers or others that spend a long time in the car seat driving. Personally I use it in my home office and have adjusted my office chair downwards slightly to accommodate it. It is certainly more comfortable than a plain office chair, offers better support, and I find now that I can arise from the chair without the lower back twinges i used to get.

This is an fine quality product and if better presented could command a higher price than the current one.

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