Kinlo 45W 60W Replacement Charger For Apple Magsafe 2

Having recently paid out £65 to Apple for a replacement Magsafe 2 PSU for my rather scruffy and well used 2015 Macbook Pro I was pleased to see this replacement unit from Kinlo available for just £24.99 on Amazon and ordered one at once to keep in reserve.

The unit arrived neatly packed in a rather down market box and itself a contrast to the usual Apple over packaging. Inside was the PSU with magsafe head and a standard UK three pin plug and cable. No instructions or information sheet was included. There is some technical information printed on the side of the PSU but this is in German on the unit I received.

The build quality seems fine to me and as good as that from Apple so far as I can tell. We are told it has passed CE certification and comes with 2 years warranty. I just hope it lasts longer than the charger that came with my Macbook! It supports a wide range of devices which are listed on the Amazon product page. Take care to be sure your own model is

Plugging it in works well with the LED on the plug lighting green when charging and red when not. As with the Apple original sometimes a little wiggling is needed to ensure a good connection but once made the plug and socket are held very firmly together by the magnetic lock. So far so good after a few days of use but so far no issues have arisen.

If you need a replacement or backup power supply for you Macbook then this would be a good alternative to the expensive Apple original.

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