Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro Portable Speaker


This is a well made and powerful Bluetooth speaker from a well established name in hifi and audio market. It is an companion to the earlier Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Speaker  and offers some features not found on the cheaper model.

Build quality is excellent, as is the presentation, and this is clearly a unit aimed at the higher end of the market.In the box along with the speaker were a PSU with UK, US and EU plugs, a micro USB cable and User Guide. There are many much cheaper rivals which have the same form factor and resemble the Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro but lack the twin amp, five speaker system on offer here. This speaker offers four input sources: Bluetooth, line-in, USB, MicroSD card (maximum size a measly 32GB). There is a bass boost button to emphasise lower frequencies when the speaker is turned down low. There are several preset sound options as well as the SoundBlaster control panel which can be downloaded to use with this system.

Bluetooth pairing was quick and easy thanks to the voice prompt system. I was pleased to see the latest APTX system was being used although how much difference it makes is debatable. Once connected I found the Bluetooth link to be stable and drop out free with auto connection to my phone following a system reboot. It can also be paired even more quickly using the NFC point.

Sound quality, as to be expected for the price, is excellent with the presets actually adding to the sound for some music types, although in general I prefer a flatter sound without too much EQ. The system is good and loud with minimal distortion even at top volume. There is plenty of bass with or without the bass boost setting, the mid tones are clear and distinct with the high frequencies punchy without being sibilant.

If you want a high quality portable Bluetooth speaker without too much regard to cost then this £168 model would be a good buy. There are many much cheaper rivals available but none I have tried are as good. There are dearer competitors too some of which do beat this one for both audio quality and features but at a price unacceptable to most potential buyers.

The Good
AptX Bluetooth
Attractive design
Mains/USB/Battery power options

The Bad
SD maximum 32GB
Annoying auto standby system
No remote control
No carry case

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