Avola Brushed Nickel Dual Lever low pressure Kitchen Mixer Taps

Our house is nearly 200 years old and the water supply was only installed as something of an after thought in the 1920’s with the result that although the rising mains pressure is OK the water pressure from the hot water tank is very low and will produce at best a feeble to moderate flow. The time came to replace the exiting dual taps in the kitchen with a single mixer tap and we had to find one designed for use with a low pressure system such as ours. We did not want a stainless steel effect unit and brass seems now to be out of vogue and hard to find so we decided upon this one as it was designed for low water pressure and had an attractive brushed nickel effect.

All you need is supplied in the box. The kit includes the tap unit itself, hot and cold water half inch flexi-tail hoses, allen key, additional sink fittings, User Guide. Everything seems to be of the highest quality and even the flexi tails are made of metal rather than just rubber. The mixer tap looks good with a low key brushed aluminium type finish and feels suitably weighty due to the brass construction.. The two levers operate smoothly and feel like they might be damped to achieve this. Left and right levers are indicated by hard to see H and C letters on the lever hubs. It has a Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridge which replaces the old fashioned rubber valves and should mean it works drip free. The User Guide takes the form of an exploded diagram and is simple and easy to follow. There is no step by step install guide included as a certain level of knowledge is assumed, otherwise just leave it to the plumber to sort out, as did.

Once installed the mixer tap looks great and works fine. The hot water flow does not match that of the cold as to be expected but it is better than I thought it would be and produces a more powerful jet than from the old hot tap. After a couple of weeks of use I would be happy to recommend this to any others needing a mixer tap suitable for a low pressure water system. The current Amazon price of £49.99 compares well to high street prices and makes it an even more attractive buy.

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