Farsler Smart Gesture Control Sensor LED Wake-up Light

It also works as a simple USB charger with two grommet protect ports on the rear although they output only at a disappointing 5v/1A rate, which is OK for overnight use but will not fast charge your phone or anything like it. The lamp has no internal battery so cannot serve as a powerbank.

As a Bluetooth speaker it works well and the sound is perfectly fine for normal use if not to audiophile standards.

This is a high tech and sophisticated piece of tech that looks good in any modern home. It is decent quality speaker and an elegant and versatile lamp. It supports Gesture and tap controls but is slightly top heavy so be careful not to whack it too hard. Had this device come from a better known or more fashionable source I would have expected it to be in the £150 range but as it is and current priced on Amazon at just £49.99 it is a bargain indeed.

The Good
Great build quality
Gesture controls
2 port USB charging
Time delay
2 Alarm modes
IOS Android app control
Gesture, tap, app control options
Wake-up light option
ZigBee IOT integration
The Bad
Easily knocked over
Gesture controls problematic
App needed for advanced settings
5v/1A only USB output
Poor presentation
No Powerbank feature

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