Give U Candle Speaker – Bluetooth speaker & Led Candle

I have tried quite a few LED candles but this one has several features to lift it above the average.

The candle arrived well protected in a rather upmarket product box which would make it additionally attractive as a gift. Inside were the candle, USB to micro USB charging cable and a small but well produced and easy to read User Guide which I include on the end of my unboxing video.

Build quality seems fine throughout. The candle is large and has a suitably candle like feel to it, not surprising as apparently is is actually made from wax rather than plastic. Most artificial candles have a recessed or hidden static LED lights which glimmer and pulsate electronically. This one is different as the LED is housed in a flame shaped plastic mount which rocks back and around in a much more realistic way than the electronic rivals. On the underside is a three position turret switch – On (candles operates on a five hours on, 19 hours off cycle), Off, BT+C (Candle and Bluetooth speaker both ON).

Yes, the candle has a built in Bluetooth speaker which will play music or other audio from your phone or any other suitably equipped Bluetooth device. To connect the candle to your phone just set it to BT=C mode and after the beep sound and pair it to your phone in the usual way using the code 0000 if required. If there is no Bluetooth activity for thirty minutes the candle will turn the Bluetooth function off automatically whilst keep the LED illuminated. I found the candle paired easily to my Nexus 6P Android phone and connected automatically with subsequent uses. There are no volume or audio controls on the candle and all adjustments must be made from the sound source device. I found that the sound quality was OK for the size of the speaker and fine for listening to the radio or general use but certainly not for audiophiles.

It is battery or USB powered and a four hour charge should give around six hours of music playing. An alert one will sound when the battery is low. It is a pity there is no USB out so it could be used as a phone battery top up, although it is a bit small for that, I suppose.

At the current Amazon price of £19.99 this is by no means the cheapest LED candle available but it does look better than most, is well made, attractively presented and has the unusual feature of a Bluetooth speaker. this would make an attractive gift

The Good
Attractive packaging
Good build quality
Good price
Bluetooth music
Pre set timer
2000mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
Mechanically nodding candle
Low battery warning mode.

The Bad
Average sound quality
No Powerbank feature
No Speaker only mode

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