Premium Ergonomic Garden Tool set from OUTAD

I received the five piece version of this set there are also three and four piece versions on offer from the same supplier. Priced on amazon at just £16.99 it seemed a false economy not to go for the full set.

Simply packed in a plain box the five piece set consists of:

1. Standard garden trowel
2. Garden trowel with depth guide markings
3. Standard garden hand fork
4. Hand fork/Cultivator
5. Root removing fork

All the tools are nine and a half inches in length, made from rust free aluminium alloy with a black/yellow non padded but comfortable to hold handle. Each handle has a hanging hole on the end. Although made of aluminium and fairly light weight the tools all feel very robust and unlikely to break anytime soon. I tried to bend them but without success so they are pretty tough (or I am pretty feeble).

The root removing tool and cultivator tool are fairly specialised items but the difference in price is not much so why not go for the complete kit as I did.

This is a decent quality set and the only real criticism I have is that they were not supplied with a bag or storage box.

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