Silicone Collapsible Food Storage Container set from Icoco

Silicone seems to be the latest thing for kitchenware and certainly I have been very impressed by the baking tins and utensils I already have made from that material.

This new three piece set from ICOCO is the first I have encountered of this type and although not particularly cheap it seems well made and very versatile in use.

The boxes each have a rigid lid and this clips with four latches to the hard top face of the box. The clever stuff takes place with the silicone body which is flexible, and fold within itself to half the original size which is great for carry smaller amounts or for empty storage. The boxes are very well made and robust and the flexible body does not feel likely to tear or puncture anytime soon

The three containers consist of two storage containers the first, 1400ml which when collapsed holds 735ml, the second 3300ml, collapsed size 1300ml
The third one is designed more as a lunchbox with two separate compartments in total 2400ml, collapsed 1200ml and with an internal box for a rather flimsy miniature knife and spoon and a further small compartment built into the lid for sauce or condiments.

They are not just food containers and indeed can be used for baking in the oven and for long term storage in the freezer. The silicone material is safe for use between – 40`C to 230`C , so there are not many situations it cannot be used in. In reality it means you can safely use thew same container from the oven to the freezer.

This is a versatile and useful set which can be used in both the kitchen and for storage and whilst not cheap it is well made and should give years of careful use.

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