Day Clock – Extra Large Impaired Vision Digital Clock

Those of us that are of have been carers of the elderly dementia sufferers know that frequently they easily become disorientated or confused and that the security of instantly being able to check on the time of day, month and even year can be very important to them, It is reassuring for sufferers to be able to glance across the room to re orientate themselves to the day and the world. There are many people with limited vision, not blind but unable to read small or medium sized text more than a few feet away that would also benefit from a large and easy to read clock.

There are many rivals to this product from American Lifetime, the original designer of the concept, but they tend to cut corners and lack the subtle points that distinguishes this product from the rivals. Cheaper rivals use low cost LCD displays with restricted viewing angles and glaring highly reflective screens, abbreviate date and time displays in ways which elderly users may find confusing, and supply the product with hard to read and poorly translated guides etc.

The Day Clock arrived attractive presented in a easy to open mid tier product box inside of which was the clock itself with a UK plug and EU adapter, a large and easy to read User Guide and some promotional material.

Setting the device up was not actually needed as it was already set to the correct UK time when I first plugged it in. This is a big plus and removes the problem of first configuring the device. If you decide to reset it or change some of the available options then there are large and easy to find buttons for this on the rear. This is a slight problem as it makes it tricky to watch the screen as you scroll up and down the option strings. If the buttons were on the side or front configuration would be easier. On the other hand it would then be easier for the buttons to be pressed in error or by a confused user. The time has to be set manually and it is a pity it cannot be done by connecting to a computer or better still by satellite. There is no battery option to power the main display but the unit does feature a built in battery and flash memory to retain the settings and time when the unit is unplugged.

I was very impressed by the display. For a simple device like this you might expect a bargain basement LCD screen to be used but this is not the case. The screen is bright and anti reflective and can be read from almost any angle. Users of cheap tablets will know just how annoying it is to have to keep angling the display around in order to find the best viewing angle. It is a pity the option to display a custom background image or even to alternate the time display with a scrolling display of images. The device has a USB port and it would not be hard to configure the firmware to allow a comforting display of family photographs to be used in conjunction with the time display. It supports multiple alarms and can include on screen messages reminding that it is time to take medication. It has two basic display which can be switched between by pressing the OK button the rear, the first day is a display of time and date, the other displays the day and time in a easier to read more conversational way.

I cannot say I care for the design of the unit which to me looks dated and cheap. That said, I suppose big bezels are easier to grip and the plastic used does seem pretty robust. It is a pity the design looks like it was produced by the NHS in about 1980.

Priced at around £55 this is a must have buy for those with vision disabilities or carers for the elderly. The device is well made and very functional. The display is very easy to read and the device is simple to set up and in fact will work straight from the box.

The Good
Clear and easy to read display
Screen readable from any angle
Anti reflective screen
Comes already configured
No distressing terms used on packaging
Night dimming
Three alarm modes
Text colour choice
Battery backup

The Bad
Unattractive design
No photo display option
No computer or satellite time control
Setup controls on rear

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