Jayfi JA40 Stereo Metal In Ear Headphones

Although priced at just £22.99 this new in-ear headset from Jayfi comes across as a decidedly up market product, at least as far as the packaging goes.

It is presented in a well designed, robust, stylish encapsulated cardboard box which certainly doesn’t look like it contains a budget product. Inside the box aside from the headset itself are a shirt clip, soft carry bag, a range of earbuds and two memory foam earbuds in a separate box. Inside too was a well written and very nicely printed User Guide in case anyone will actually bother to read it.

You need to experiment to find the correct size and type of earbud, important to ensure these slightly heavier than normal earbuds do not fall out and to allow the headset to live up to the noise isolating claims. The headset is a little heavier than usual but not uncomfortably so and the metal earpieces feel well made and tough. The cable is good and long and terminates in an angles mini jack plug which some may prefer to the more common straight plug. The headset has a built in microphone works works well enough and a simple one button in-line control which again worked well with my Android phone.

Audio quality is excellent and is perhaps the best I have tried for an in-ear set in this price range. There is masses of bass, mid tones and high frequencies are clear and well defined without becoming sibilant. The headset is good and loud too which makes it good for out of doors use.

This is a high quality device which punches well above its weight. If you are looking for a budget set on in-ear headphones and care about audio quality then these might well be just what you need.

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