AsiaLONG Non-bluetooth Fitness Tracker

Not everybody needs a Bluetooth equipped tracker. There are some people that prefer to check their activity on a daily basis and are not interested in monitoring trends or in fiddling with their phone to see how today’s steps compared with those from last week. This could be the tracker they need.

The tracker arrived in a simple but elegant brown cardboard box and not the usual garish blister pack common with budget imported gadgets. Inside was the tracker itself, a short USB to micro USB charging cable and a comprehensive but rather small and hard to read User Guide. I reproduce the User Guide at the end of my unboxing video.

This device resembles my Fitbit Charge HR at first sight but has a pull-out tracking module and uses a standard micro-USB charging port – I wish the Fitbit did the same. It has a soft and flexible TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) strap into which the plastic tracker module is easily inserted. Once in the strap it feels pretty solid and unlikely to work loose. The device has a bright blue LED display which is easy to read in daylight and at night. There is a single recessed button built into the display which is pressed to scroll through the available data and to enter the settings mode. It is water resistant to level IP64 which means it is OK for use outside in the rain but not for swimming or the shower.

The device displays steps, distance, calories burned, excise time, sleep quality, time and date, and current speed. To get accurate results you have to scroll through to the Settings mode and then enter date, time, gender, age, weight, height and select if you want the steps taken and distance travelled to be cleared at the end of each day. Pressing and holding the button allows the device to enter Sleep Mode to monitor how long and how well you sleep for that night.

There is no Bluetooth on board and no way of exporting the data even through the USB port, which is a pity. The good thing about the lack of Bluetooth is the long battery life. The makers claim up to ten days on standby and around seven days of normal use from a thirty minute charge.

I have found the device works perfectly well and is a easy to use and inexpensive way of monitoring your daily exercise and may well be all you need for this. If you get a taste for activity tracking then you may wish to upgrade to a more expensive app supported device.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Attractive design
Nice packaging
Long battery life
Short charging time
Standard micro USB charging port
Comprehensive User Guide

The Bad
No way to export data
No fully waterproof
More info and purchase