TitanGrip Self-Adhesive Cable Clips Set of 20

Having tried various methods to secure the christmas style LED lights around the top of our new conservatory I found this set of clips to give by far the best results.

The clips are supplied in a rather up market plastic box which seems to good to throw away when empty. The clips are all well made and seem robust enough and have reversed facing openings to allow cables to be inserted more securely. The supplied double sided adhesive pads are again quite thick and well made. An usage guide is fixed to the inside of the lid.

Using the clips is simple enough. Unpeeling the backing from the adhesive pads is annoying difficult and I found a sharp pointed knife made it easier to slip the backing off. Remove one side of the backing first and stick this to the underside of the clip holding it for a few seconds to let it bond. Then unpick the other backing sheet and stick the clip in place again holding for a few seconds.

I found the clips all stuck immediately and after a few days are showing no sign of coming off even with up to three cables in each one as my video shows.

This is an excellent set of clips from a company that clearly cares about their products. At £6.99 the price is pretty good too for a product that unlike many rivals actually does work.

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