Bqeel GN22B Premium USB-C Hub with Power Delivery

Interfaces and connections on computers and other equipment are gradually shifting to the UB-C standard but so far there has been a lack of decent quality third party accessories for the new standard. This is an increasing problem as many USB-C devices such as the Google Pixel Chromebook and the new MacBook Pro are reliant on the new ports but often do not supply too many of them and omit the older ports that our existing connected equipment uses..

This new hub from Bqeel is still not cheap at the current Amazon price of £49.99 but is far less costly than similar devices from the Big Name tech rivals. The build quality is first rate and seems to me to be at least as good as that of the high end competitors and the packaging and presentation whilst not to Apple standards is far from being budget level. In the box you get the hub itself and a small but well written User Guide which I append to the end of my unboxing video.

The 10.8cm x 2.8cm x 1cm hub is rose gold in colour and made from lightweight but strong aluminium and seems built to last. It has a short USB-C input cable which is hard wired to the hub. I would have prefered a UUB-C in socket to give me the option to use a separate cable or a replacement if the supplied one fails. It has two USB 3 output ports, a USB-C output port and an HDMI socket. The USB-C port can be used as a pass through power port to charge external devices and the HDMI port supports full 4K video.

If you own a new MacBook Pro or a similar USB-C equipped device then this could add the connectivity you need without breaking the bank.

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