Logitech ZeroTouch Dashboard Car Mount for Android

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Logitech are a company well known in the tech community and have a reputation for producing high quality, well designed products. The build quality and design here lives up to the usual standards although the software and functionality of this untypical Lochitech products still has some way to go.

This device combines a fairly standard car phone mount with a novel implementation of the Amazon Echo Alexa voice recognition software. Of course to use it you will need a good and robust internet connection in the car.

The phone mount is well made and of excellent quality. No crocodile jaws are needed but the phone is held in place magnetically and to this end two thin metal discs are supplied which can be stuck to the the rear of the phone or slipped inside a suitably thin phone case. One disc should be all most phones need and the versatile flat mount should accomodate phones of any size. When in place the pohone can be swivelled and rotated to almost any position. The mount was very impressive and almost worth the asking price alone.

The other half of the product, and perhaps the main selling point, is the ZeroTouch application which is Android only and needs a phone running Android 5 or later. Once installed it offers genuinely no-touch operation, just wave your hand in front of the camera to wake the app and it will then respond to spoken commands. This way you can in theory send and receive texts, voice navigation, selecty and play music and get Amazon Alexa interaction. This is OK but many cars including mine have built in media playback via Bluetooth and with the exception of Amazon Echo almost all the other features can already be found in a range of in-car applications already available. Indeed I found it best to disable the connection to my in car Bluetooth when using this device. Not all all of the native Amazon Echo features are available and apart from the control of smart home features most can already be found with existing software from Google and others. There is at least one third party Amazon Echo app available for free from the Google Playstore which offers almost the full range of Alexa features.

This is a excellent car mount with some interesting connectivity features built in most of which are already available with other apps.
The Good
Well designed Mount
Good build quality
Good price
True no-touch use

The Bad
Many new cars offer similar functionality
Rival software available
Amazon Echo of little use in the car
Can confuse vehicle Bluetooth features

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