Niello 45W 225 LEDs 6-Band Full Spectrum Growth Lamp Panel

This lightweight but powerful grow lamp panel from Niello arrived simply packed in a plain eco friendly cardboard box in accord, I like to think, with the ethos behind the product. Inside the box was the lamp itself with hardwired mains cord and in-line switch, a 12.6″ hanging frame with cable and a single sheet User Guide. The User Guide is well printed and informative and I enclose a scan of it in my Unboxing Video

The 225 LED light frame itself is very lightweight with an ABS plastic frame on a aluminium light board, the whole thing is only 0.4 inches in thickness. The lightweight assembly means it is easier to hang with less strain on the hanging frame but does mean it is more delicate and less like to survive a fall. The cable is of a reasonable length at 5 feet and has an in line switch, more easy to find than a unit mounted switch and with less chance of disturbing a delicate hanging assembly. The device comes with a two pin plug rather than a standard UK three pin, which is a pity.

In use it works well, although far too early to say yet how effective it is for plant growth, but it consumes only 36W of power and being fan free is totally silent in use.

Priced at £29.99 this would be a worthwhile purchase for any keen gardener seeking to grow exoctic or out of season seeedlings.

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Eco friendly packaging
Good User Guide
Lightweight design
Hanging bracket kit included
In-line switch

The Bad
Two pin plug
Delicate plastic frame

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