LEDMO 7W LED Round Ceiling Lights set of 4

This new set of LED ceiling lights from LEDMO are one of the best of this type I have tested and currently priced at £17.28 make an attractive buy. I selected the 7 watt warm white type but other versions are available.

In the box are the four LED lights themselves and a small but well written installation guide. I include a scan of the guide in my unboxing video. The LED lights seen robust and well made and have a quality feel to them. Each light has a separate small power supply which means the lights can be mounted separately and not necessarily as a set. Each light has a 24°beam which can be rotated and angled as needed. The lamp units are attached to the power supply driver boxes by a bayonet mount which can be released to allow the lamp to be exchanged without changing the wiring behind the ceiling. This is important as these lamps use a built in LED unit and not an exchangeable bulb. If the light should fail then the whole unit needs to be replaced and not just the bulb. As each light unit is expected to last 50000 hours then hopefully this should not be an issue.

Mounting the lights is easy enough. Just make a 2.88-3.15inch Cut-Out Hole in the ceiling for each unit, connect the two bare wires projecting from the rear of the driver box to your mains power, push the lighting unit into the hole and it will be held in place by the butterfly wings of the mount. I have yet to try it and from bitter experience I know that ceiling mounts are never as simple to fit as the instructions lead you to suppose. Maybe this one will prove the exception.

The lights are good and bright and are designed to replace a standard 70w bulb. My warm white LED is rated at 2700K and is indeed pleasantly warm to the eye.

If you need a set of well made and attractive ceiling lights and do not mind the hard wired LED lamp then this would be an excellent buy

The Good
Great price
Good build quality
Warm bright light
Individual PSUs
PSU boxes are not hardwired
Lighting angle adjustable

The Bad
LED bulbs not replaceable
May be too bright for some locations

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