Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate and Fitness Wristband

I have been using the original Fitbit Charge HR since it first came out but recently found it increasingly difficult to get it to charge properly and when it was charged the battery would deplete after just a couple of days. So it was I decided to upgrade to the new FitBit Charge 2.

The new device is a bit larger than the earlier one and offers more features, more probably than I need. I tend to use the device just to log my steps and resting heart rate and basic information which I then check with on the app. For my use I probably do not even need a screen on the wristband as the app displays all the information I need in more detail and in context. Annoyingly shortly after I bought the Charge 2 the cheaper AltaHR was released which mirrors most of the Charge 2 features albeit with a smaller screen.

Compared to the old Charge HR I find the battery life on the updated version to be markedly longer, the larger screen is easier to read and the charging clamp is easier to use and with a more positive connection than the old one and this for me is the main advantage.

One thing I have noticed with the new device, and this may have been the case with the old one too, is that although sports activities are recognised automatically GPS tracking from the phone is not. If you want to track your location during a Fitbit activity session this must be defined and started by selecting the activity type and pressing the start button on the tracker itself. Maybe it is just me but I have found the screen more liable to scratches than the old one.

Other than that I have found the new device has replaced the old one with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Compared to the older model:

The Good
Longer battery life
Battery charging is easier and more secure
Better activity selection
Easy on screen setup wizard
Better strap and clasp

The Bad
More expensive
GPS integration must be set manually
Screen scratches easily

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