Non Slip Skid Women Yoga Socks by AD Taylor

This two pair pack of yoga socks by AD Taylor arrived simply but attractively presented in a reusable plastic zip lock bag with each pair, one pink and one black, secured on a shaped cardboard insert. Nothing else was included in the pack.

Having passed them onto my partner for appraisal she tells me they are indeed as comfortable as they look and she hardly knows she is wearing them. She takes a UK size 4 and they fit perfectly. They have an elasticated fit and the soles have lightweight non slip pads on them. For what they are they are pretty robust although I would not advise playing football or digging the garden in them. They should last well general wear in the house as well as for yoga and light exercise, which is what they were designed for.

The current Amazon price of £7.90 for the twin pack is excellently and the attractive presentation makes them well suited as a gift.

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