Disco Ball Party Stage Light from Spriak

Just £14 on Amazon will get you this remote controlled disco style lamp which would be perfect for a birthday or any other sort of party. It is not massively powerful but fine for home use but not enough I would imagine for professional use.

In the attractive mid market box you get the disco light itself with hard wired UK plug, remote control, an angled mount and a well written and easy to read if rather small User Guide. I enclose a copy of the User Guide on the end of my unboxing video.

The light and mount are made of plastic and this where the budget price has to be paid as more costly rivals of the same design are made of metal. The remote control is quite small but the buttons are well marked and have a positive feel to them. Due to the lightweight build I do have doubts about the long term durability of the product as it does have a delicate rotating mechanism inside. I should say here that my unit has shown no signs of packing in but knows how it will be after use in a few parties. Also, don’t be tempted to use this outside if there is any hint of rain, as this device is not water resistant.

Operating is easy enough. Just plug in – there is no Off/On switch – select the mode and features you want from the remote, and there you go. Note that the OFF button on the remote turns off the lights but does not power down the unit. The supplied power cable is quite short and so an extension cable may be needed. There is a slight noise as the internal light wheel rotates but this would be no problem in normal use.

The remote allows you to select various lighting colours (R,G,B, RG.RB,GB), a stroboscopic lighting effect, auto colour scrolling, all with a rolling rotating light wheel effect. There are also two music controlled modes determined by the internal microphone which cause the lights to pulse in time with the music. The difference between the two Music modes, so far as I can tell, is that in Mode 2 the lighting goes off completely when the music stops.

The lighting effects are very effective and would be perfect to give atmosphere to a party or small disco. The price for a remote control unit such as this is very good indeed although for long term or professional use a more expensive and more robust unit might be better.

The Good
Great price
Multiple lighting modes
Remote control
Good User Guide
UK Plug

The Bad
Lightweight build
Cable too short
Not suited for outside use
Doubts over long term durability
Slight operating noise
No power switch

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