LED Motion Sensor Night Light Torch from First-E

This excellent little nightlight cum torch is currently on offer from Amazon at just £15.98 and it really is rather a good buy.

In the box you receive the Nightlight/Torch, the charging unit and a well written and easy to read if rather small User Guide. I enclose a scan of the User Guide on the end of my unboxing video.

Build quality seems good if a little lightweight. The unit is made from a slightly off white ABS plastic and has an attractive rounded look to it. There are no wires or adapters needed as the charging base plugs directly into a UK socket. The unit itself rests in the charging base and pulls easily, perhaps too easily, free for use as a torch or inspection light. Annoyingly there is indicator to show the battery status or that the unit is charging.

The device has several operating modes. It has a motion sensor built in which will turn the lamp on for a few seconds when motion is detected when there is low ambient light. Also, and this in part addresses the status LED issue, the light will come on when the device is charging and the power supply to the charger fails and after 60 seconds the light will be replaced by a red LED indicating power failure. When the lamp is taken off the charger it illuminates automatically but this can be turned off using the side mounted switch. This switch also turns on the torch and can be used to set the lamp to Off, Torch only or both lights on.

Battery life seems fine and I see no reason to doubt the claimed one and a half hours of lighting time from an eight to ten hours charge from flat.

As a nightlight it is fine and gives more than enough light to see where you are going without necessarily awakening the household. The torch is no powerhouse but fine for general use. The automatic light on during a power outage is great as the lamp illuminates long enough for you to easily locate it before switching it to torch mode.

This is an attractive device. simple and elegant in looks coupled with worthwhile functionality at a very decent price.

The Good
Reasonable Price
Wireless Charging
Motion Detection
Attractive design
Auto On on power failure
Auto Off
Charging fail indicator
Integrated UK plug

The Bad
No charging indicator
No battery status indicator
Switch lacks positive feel
Lightweight build

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