ZaKitane Combaterwing Extra Large Size Gaming Mouse Mat

If you are looking for an old style semi rigid silk finish mouse pad then keep on looking. This new mouse pad from ZaKitane is a huge 27.56 X 11.81 X 0.08″ and can be rolled up into a tube for storage. The pad has a non slip rubberised base with a smooth matt mousing surface.It has a brilliant red piping around the edge and the Combaterwing logo up in the top right. It is very wide and so best to measure your desk first to ensure it is not too big.

I needed it not so much for gaming but to allow me space for both my mouse and my small keyboard to sit on it. The keyboard I use is quite lightweight and prone to moving about in use, also it tends to be annoyingly noisy due to my hunt and peck keyboard hammering technique. I am happy to say that now the keyboard is good and stable and a fair bit less noisy.

This feels like a luxury item, if any mouse pad can be so described, and apart from a slight tendency to curl up at the edges is more or less perfect for what I need. It looks good and much less garish and in your face than most gaming mouse pads and the restrained looks should mean it can be used on pretty much any suitably sized desktop.

If you need a high quality extra large mouse pad then I doubt you will find better for double the £7.99 Amazon price of this beauty.

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