Philips Lumea BRI956/00 Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device

hair cover

NB: My review is for the Cordless – body, face, bikini & underarms model

I passed this on to my wife for testing purposes and a after a few weeks of use she gave me her assessment of it.

I have tried quite a few IPL hair removing devices over the past few years but this one is both the most expensive and the probably the most effective one to use.

At £575 this is no cheap item and this is reflected in the product and the up market way it is presented. In the rather attractive and upmarket box you get the device itself, attachments for the underarms, bikini area, the lower face. A long power/charging cable is included along with two cleaning cloths, a well illustrated and comprehensive User Guide and a padded carry case.. The device comes with a two year warranty from Philips.

Like all Philips this has the feel of a luxury item and is well made and attractively designed. For this price I would expect no less.

IPL depilators are not for everyone and those with certain skin and hair types should not use them. The User Guide explains how to determine if you can use the unit and if so at what settings and after testing you should wait 24 hours before using the device. You may find different settings suit particular body areas better than others.

The device can be used either from mains or battery power and the latter is certainly much easier in use. Remember to wet shave first before using the unit. Choose which attachment to fit to the device, select the correct power setting for your skin type, hold the unit against the skin and when the contact sensor illuminates press the trigger button. Gently slide the head along the skin. The unit emits a bright light onto the skin when using it and there may be a slight warming feeling when doing so. The built in cooling fan starts up almost silently. After a while you get accustomed to the sensation. The unit has a built in sensor which is supposed to determine the correct power output for your skin type as it operates. Over time you will find that you need to use the depilator less frequently to maintain a smooth skin.

This is a high end device at a premium price. It maintains the usual Philips quality and works better than any other IPL device I have used before.

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